OMD Mobile Features


  • Separate lists for backlog, Today, Next and Closed
  • Brief or extended layout of task info
  • Indication of mobile status of task by means of an icon, indicating Planned, On the Way, On Site, Signed, Closed
  • Indication of server-side status of task by color, according to the adjustable color schema of the Visual Scheduler


  • Estimated Duration / Actual Duration
  • Call customer
  • View task details
  • View attached documents
  • View location of task on Google Map
  • Go (On the Way) / Start navigation
  • On Site
  • Camera
  • Customer Signature
  • Field Worker Signature
  • Barcode scanning
  • Material Usage
  • Finish task (Closed)
  • NFC scan of material


  • Send mobile events such as On The Way, On Site or Closed immediately to OMD Go
  • Send location of device in specific intervals
  • Push-based technology, allowing immediate update on new incoming tasks or changes to the plan

Task Details

  • Customer info such as name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Task Identifier / Task Group
  • Position in Trip
  • Scheduled Time
  • Earliest / Latest
  • Contract Type
  • Skill
  • Address details
  • Latitude/Longitude info
  • Opening Hours
  • Delivery Types
  • Delivery Item Details


  • Service Report forwarded to customer e-mail address
  • Car Stock
  • List of Material / Spare Parts
  • Collective Signature
  • Follow-On
  • Note
  • Reason for Disruption
  • Delivered
  • Returned Quantities

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