Web-based Multi-tenant Architecture

OMD Go uses a web-based multi-tenant architecture, allowing a massively scalable, shared infrastructure. By providing the same application components in the context of customer-specific configurations, the same infrastructure can be used by many different customers.

Stability and Extensibility

With a minimum of costs, we can provide our customers with a quick and easy, cost-effective production environment. Instead of having to support separate environments, we can monitor, extend and further develop OMD Go environment without having to distribute and maintain releases for on-premise installation and roll-out. By providing centralized updates, you will always have the latest features, enhancements and performance improvements at hand.


While all data is stored internally within the same database to keep maintenance and performance monitoring focused and flexible, customers can only access their own configurations. We provide security along all tiers of the environment, from application level to hardware and physical infrastructure. Administrators assign roles and permissions to users, allowing fine-grained access control. All data is encrypted during transport. User passwords are stored in a hashed format. The system is monitored for access violation attacks.

High Availability

By constantly monitoring OMD Go infrastructure and providing a scalable environment, we can provide our service with a very high degree of availability, allowing an overall uptime of more than 99.8%. Using a clustered application server infrastructure, peaks in workload can be taken care of by adding new nodes to the cluster without having to rearrange OMD Go environment.

Testing and Training

Because OMD Go can be quickly setup to provide you with a testing and training configuration, you can work on the same infrastructure, but with your own test data.

Integrated Map

OMD Go has integrated Google Maps into the solution, providing you with best-in-class mapping facilities. If required, OMD can make specific map features such as truck limit attributes available.


OMD Go provides a full-stack platform to model your mobile processes, including a wide range of modules supporting these processes.


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