Geocodes hold information about the geographical location of an address. All geocodes contain at least the latitude and longitude information.

Additionally, a match level is stored along with the geocode. This is both the case for on-the-fly geocoded addresses as with addresses that have been geocoded with the Geocoder upfront, or with addresses that have been uploaded from an external system, in which the geocode for the address is available.

0 Unknown
1 House number
2 Street
3 Postal code or city
4 Manually geocoded
5 No geocode

The format of a geocode string is x_y_long_lat match,where x and y are the coordinates of the internal map projection and long/lat are the longitude/latitude values multiplied with 1 000 000, converting the values to decimals, and match is the match level value.


00-6285552_53319389 4, corresponding to 53.319389,-6.285552 (WGS 84) or 53° 19' 9'' N, 6° 17' 7'' W. contains some very useful information and formulas on lat/long conversions.



If an uploaded task contains a different geocode than the one stored with the customer entry, the customer geocode will overrule.


If an onSite attachment is processed and the attachment contains a GPS coordinate, the customer geocode will be overruled by the new coordinates.


This preference needs to be set to ensure the above functionality. The preference creates a link between the customer and the task, based on the account number. If the account number doesn’t exist, the customer record will be created automatically, based on the task information.

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